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We, as well as you, are trying to earn as much as possible. The only way for us to do it is to find and work out a solution which will help you to earn more. Only in this case you will come back to us and use our services again.
Some Statistics

In 2013 the number of people in the world who has visited websites with mobile devices is equalized to the number of people who has used for this purpose personal computers and laptops.

It is projected that by the middle of 2013 the number of visits to websites through tablets and smartphones will surpass the number of visits with personal computers and laptops.

Thus websites which are viewed equally well both on PCs and on mobile devices have an advantage over those which do not have such feature.

Hence we can conclude that those websites which are convenient to use on mobile devices will get 40-50% more customers.
Responsive Design
Correctness Responsive design provides proper display of your website on all types of devices. There is no need to enlarge the text by fingers to read it or to follow links.
Practicality While using responsive design there is no need to develop a mobile version. It will be easier to find your website in search engines, more people will be attracted and less money will be spent for support.
Effectiveness Mobile users are more active and informed than PC users. It means that they will appreciate the convenience of using your website and your chances of selling goods / services will likely increase.
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